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The Quaintance Consulting Group is a boutique firm specializing in teams development, executive coaching, consulting and leadership training and performance.  Run by Aisha Quaintance, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and performance coach with expertise in recruiting, leadership, sales, performance and retention.

Whether you have a group of professionals attending a conference and need a speaker, or a team of employees that want to up their game, you’ve come to the right place.  Aisha's style has been known to be not only motivating, but she prides herself of helping people implement effective tools and take away practical solutions to solve today's business challenges.   

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Develop & Create Your Leaders from within. 


Leadership Accelerator Program

"A game-changer for the performance and engagement of my millennial mangers & key contributors!"  

This most requested program today, the Leadership Accelerator Program, solves the issues of talent development, retention, growth needs, grooming, pipelining and attracting new talent.

Other popular programs include:


Growth Accelerator 

Growth Accelerator Programs are great for retaining, grooming and developing your employees not just in goal setting, but finding actual engagement with their work.

  • Owning Your Growth
  • Social/Emotional Intelligence
  • Conversational Tools
  • Self Actualization and Self Management

Teams Accelerator 

Team Accelerator Programs help fast-moving companies develop the full potential of their team leaders for extraordinary outcomes.  

  • Establish Commitments 

  • Coach for Results

  • Cultivate Engagement

  • Encourage Healthy Accountability

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Sales Accelerator

Let's face it.  It takes a true sales person to engage sales people.

This program is near and dear to my heart as for me, it most fulfilling to watch great sales people come to life (and typically, do so by getting out of their own way!) 

With such a wide range of needs, this program is more customizable to fit the goals of your sales teams.  

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What Clients are Saying

"This training was a game-changer and I took away some actionable and inspiring ideas!"
"I have so much more hope for the future of this company and my team now that we are all on the same page!"
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