“Aisha is a powerhouse known for inspiring people through her engaging talks for to unlock their full potential and get the Career and Business Results they desire.”

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Keynote Speaker

Aisha is a highly sought after speaker and an award-winning entrepreneur and author, with expertise in leadership, business growth and employee retention. As a performance expert, she has enthused audiences around the world with her innovative perspective and provocative challenges to the conventional wisdom of performing and leading for tangible results.  Her engaging talks are filled with stories from the trenches and practical tools that are actionable and useful to inspire audiences to be at the top of their game.

Popular Keynotes


#OwnYourGrowth - Designing your Personal Campaign for Success 

Based on her book, Career Smarts, Aisha draws her 15 years experience running one of the leading executive recruiting firms in Silicon Valley, where she helped thousands of people define and achieve their career goals. In #OwnYourGrowth she reveals a treasure trove of insight that goes far beyond standard common-sense how to realize your full potential and be the leader in your career no matter what your title is.   Whether you are looking to make a change, expand opportunities, improve your current status or simply determine what your dream job might look like in any industry, this talk goes beyond the basics with insider tips, short-cuts, common pitfalls — all from the perspective of the savvy employer. Quaintance offers an invaluable Career Reality Check for people who want more out of their careers, guiding them step-by-step on how to beat the odds and achieve success.


RetentionRx: Retain Your Millennial Employees for Strategic Advantage

There is a vicious circle happening that no one is talking about. Companies will not get ahead if they are having to continuously replace their workforce. Those companies who strategically place retention as a priority will truly lead the workforce of the future. 

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18-35 Year Olds 

Have an average tenure per job of 1.6 years.

Are you spending as much time on retaining your people as you are attracting them? (According to Forbes, “retention is hard than you think”).  If you want to build a high-performing workforce, you need to cultivate your people for the long-term. Right now, the trends indicate that this is a harder problem to solve than you may think.


- 71% of Millennials are actively looking for a new job more then 50% of the time.

- Millennials want to grow and stay put yet 93% leave their current company in order to move up.

Customized Talks

As a much-sought-after convention and conference speaker, Aisha has inspired audiences worldwide.  Most recently she spoke to the Pinnacle Society in Aruba where she delivered a 3 hour keynote and workshop on practical tools for successes to the world’s top Executive Recruiters.  She has conducted seminars for a broad range of organizations ranging from large venues to intimate gatherings where she delivers highly customized seminars.  Aisha can work with you to customize a perfect keynote speech or hands on seminarfor either a half-day, full-day. or multiple day retreat.  

Participants for any engagement will benefit from Aisha’s "no BS" coaching style for gaining clarity and developing ultimate confidence in their roles, careers and businesses. 

What Audiences are Saying

"Really enjoyed listening to her speak, and took away some actionable and inspiring ideas!"

"This was a helpful reminder on how to beat the top of your game. Great action items and ideas!"


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