Solving for Performance, Retention & Growth

NEARLY ALL WORK  HAPPENS IN TEAMS    Yet so few companies equip their teams for extraordinary outcomes.


Yet so few companies equip their teams for extraordinary outcomes.

Teams. Leaders. Missions. Amplified.

The Leadership Accelerator Program

You have a leadership team made up of seasoned managers, millennial managers and even high-potential employees in new roles.  You've attracted them, now you want to keep them!  You know your average shelf life is 1.6 years.  Now what...?  Need an extra pair of hands?

We are an extension of your leadership team and we're here to help.  We conduct our leadership development program (and help you develop yours should you need it) that is tailored to the specific needs of your managers and organized around 3 core principles of high performance leadership.

  • Owning your growth & performance (Social/Emotional Intelligence coupled with Self Performance Management)
  • Tools for Coaching & Developing your people (hence, how to retain them!)
  • Team dynamics and managing a your teams to High Performing (helping your people move from "me" to "we")
See the full potential of your people with Silicon Valley’s premiere development program for today’s working teams and professionals.

Growth Accelerator Programs are great for retaining, grooming and developing your employees not just in goal setting, but finding actual engagement with their work.

  • Owning your growth
  • Social/Emotional Intelligence
  • Conversational tools
  • Self Actualization and Self Management

Team Accelerator Programs help fast-moving companies develop the full potential of their teams for extraordinary outcomes.  

  • Establish Commitments & Key Performance Factors

  • Move from Storming to a High Performing Team

  • Cultivate Engagement

  • Encourage Healthy Accountability

The approaches draw on the unique experience in talent management and positive psychology to increase the performance and retention of key players. 

Specialized & Customized programs can include Sales Accelerator, Marketing Accelerator, Hiring Smarts and more. 

Talent Development + Engagement = Retention & High Performing Teams