Career Smarts

A Practical Guide to Career Utopia

“Design your career or someone else will.”

- Aisha Quaintance


About The Book

As the founder of one of the leading executive recruiting firms in Silicon Valley, Quaintance has helped thousands of people define and achieve their career goals. In Career Smarts, she reveals a treasure trove of insight that goes far beyond standard common-sense how-to career books. Whether you are looking to make a change, expand opportunities, improve your current status or simply determine what your dream job might look like in any industry, Career Smarts goes beyond the basics with insider tips, short-cuts, common pitfalls — all from the perspective of the savvy employer. Learn from actual case studies — what went right? what went wrong? Change the game with more effective dialogue. Narrow your focus with some critical soul-searching. Career Smarts offers an invaluable reality check for people who want more out of their careers, guiding them step-by-step on how to beat the odds and achieve success. 

Practical Tools & Take-Aways

-Practical Guide to Determining Your Dream Job

-Career Reality Checklist

-Powerful Tools for Overcoming Personal Fears & Limitations

-Breaking Free of Perceptions and Reaching a Career Epiphany

-Play by Play Guide for Decision-making to Stay or Go

-Step by Step Process on Landing Your Dream Job

-Art of Interviewing

-Positioning Yourself to Get What You Want

-How to Fix the Job You’re in

-The Nitty Gritty on How to Look for Your Dream Job

-Effective Management of Work-Life Balance

-Practical Discussions to Have with Your Boss

-Know-how to Becoming an A Player

-Lessons from the Trenches

-Practical Discussions to Have with Your Boss

-Bonus Chapter, a Manager’s Perspective: An In-depth Interview with a Career Management Expert on What Your Manager is Really Thinking



 “If you’re looking to change your career, I have two words for you: be proactive. You can’t be passive when it comes to your career or your life. You must take accountability and ownership for where you are today. Too many people idly sit by hoping to be promoted or waiting to have their dream job fall into their lap. That doesn’t happen. You need to proactively identify what you want. As Aisha says, define your Career Utopia—and then, through her process you need to create it. Having had personal experience in seeing her results, I agree, you must use these strategies to achieve what you want; you must be Career Smart.”

-Scott Bishop, Senior Vice President, Integrated Talent Management