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It's no secret this year was a huge war for talent between companies.  2018 is looking even worse.  With the skills-gap widening more then ever before, it is imperative that we build the leaders and key players of tomorrow in order to hit your goals. Unfortunately, statistics are showing that without a good retention strategy (and I don't mean assuming everything is fine!), if your folks have already been with you for a year, they won't even be here throughout 2018!

How do we stop the bleeding?  By giving them the number one thing millennials are asking for in their career - Professional Development and Career Pathing!

That's where I come in...

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Leadership Accelerator Program
6-month on site game changer for millennial mangers and high-potential employees. 

This is not your average Leadership Training.  We focus on getting results but also owning your growth and getting buy in to attract & lead others! 

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Growth Accelerator Program
Retain & groom newer employees by investing in their growth & development and create the culture and type of people you actually want! 

Includes individual coaching and career mapping customized with your messaging.  

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Team Accelerator Program
High performing teams are not born, they are created!  This is not a team building exercise. 

We getting into the nitty-gritty of goals & accountability for results & engagement that will retain your "A" players". 

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Not everyone has the time to create their own Learning & Development during high-growth periods.  Let me parachute in and help so you can stay focused on what you do best!

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Like having a full-time Career Coach in your ear. 
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The Quaintance Consulting Group is a boutique firm specializing in teams development, executive coaching, consulting and leadership training and performance.  Run by Aisha Quaintance, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and performance coach with expertise in recruiting, leadership, sales, performance and retention.

Aisha's style has been known to be not only motivating but she prides herself of helping people implement effective tools and take away practical solutions through her Team, Growth & Leadership Performance Programs to solve today's business challenges through engagement and performance. 

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