Career FAQs: "Should I wait until after the holidays to change jobs?"


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Asked last week - "Should I wait until after the holidays to change jobs?"

Possibly, but start looking now! If you are considering making a change, then there's no time like the present to be proactive and see what else is out there. Doing this groundwork now will help make sure you consider what's really important to you and how you really feel before getting caught up in a formal interview process. You want to consider a plan B without the extra stress so this can be a great time to see what that looks like. Additionally, hiring managers will be focused on hitting new budgets and hiring targets in January and February and thus, there will be much added pressure to get you to start immediately. This sense of urgency could possibly lead you down the road of taking the job that selected you instead of the job you selected!  

Start now, be calm, get the facts, do your "stay interview", so that you don't caught up in other peoples plans in the new year. 

As always, have a plan or be part of someone else's!

-Aisha G. Quaintance


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