Seasonal Contractors: What can they do for you?


Hiring temporary workers can be an ideal solution to your seasonal staffing needs, as they provide dedicated help to get you through the crunch. With the holiday season upon us, it may be a good time for you to join the 72 percent of American businesses who add temporary staffing during peak work periods – or weeks when regular workers tend to be in shorter supply as they capitalize on paid time off.

How to Find the Best Contractors

Here are some tips to help you secure the best temporary contractors:

  • Create seasonal job descriptions. This is the first step in maximizing the return on your temporary staff investment. Tasks and responsibilities must be clearly spelled out for each assignment. Contractors may have limited time to complete projects, so make sure they are reasonable, given the scope of the work.
  • Provide training and resources. Set up all seasonal work stations and systems in advance. Arrange for orientation and training using your seasoned employees as mentors. Give contractors access to the information and resources they need to be successful.
  • Set clear goals and deadlines. Contractors can only accomplish what you expect if you communicate those expectations to them. Provide a list of tasks to be completed, along with deadlines and daily and weekly goals.
  • Offer incentives to perform at high levels. These could include on-site lunches, contests, gift certificates or discounts on merchandise.

How Contractors Help You Succeed

You may not want to pull current employees away from their normal duties to complete special projects or fill in when unplanned vacancies occur. The negative impact on your business could be costly in terms of lost productivity and the potential for burnout or damaged morale. A temporary contractor often is the ideal solution.

An added benefit to hiring a contractor is that if they perform well, you may be able to consider them for a full-time position in the future. The temporary assignment is an opportunity for you to evaluate the potential employee and determine whether an individual is a good business and cultural fit for your company.

Partner with an Expert

Whether your need for extra employees is attributed to the season, planning for the year ahead, or staffing gaps caused by disability or family leave, it pays to work with Fillmore Search Group for top-tier, contractor placement. We specialize in closely understanding clients’ business needs, industry and culture. To learn more, read our related posts or give us a call today!

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