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Dear Network, Friends and "Framily" :)

It's been a blast doing people, team, and leadership development with Dr. Hall for the last few months.

We have seen a huge impact on retention and engagement at our clients. 

So much so that we have decided to divide and conquer the Bay Area! We remain strategic partners and will now individually play to the strengths of our perspective backgrounds, experience and talents.

Here is my new contact information and website along with some of the additional services I will be providing.

In addition to leading team development on performance and engagement, I am excited to launch the Team Performance Labs Growth Accelerator Programs.

Feel free to reach out for more information or check out my updated site below:


Thank you so much for your continued support of all of my endeavors!

I am lucky to have such an awesome community of clients and friends alike.  May I continue to help you all create, launch and attain your professional missions in the various ways you have allowed so far.

Aisha G. Quaintance


Mobile: 415.596.0552

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