The Hiring Forecast of the Bay Area 2016 Technology Industry.


The Bay Area technology job market will continue to grow in 2016 and will be heavily reinforced by the uptick in sales engineers joining technology companies. By adding sales engineers to their sales force, technology companies are adding much needed customer support by sales engineers who understand the back-end of their products. This will increase sales and provide support for account executives.

The Bay Area technology industry will continue to spur growth in other job sectors as for every job that is created in the STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics sector, 4.3 jobs are created in other professional sectors including attorneys, accountants, operations and administrative personnel – to name a few. With the emerging technology industry growth, there will be a need at these companies in all of the professional areas and necessary evils we focus on (accounting, HR, Tech, Marketing, etc.) This is not a market just for engineers, but for the professionals around them that play an equally important role in the success of the company.


Peers in my sector should be watching Santa Clara and San Jose jobs reports on a monthly basis in order to prepare for an influx of job orders, not only for STEM placements, but for job orders that will come in for other highly skilled positions. The key is to connect with past and present candidates to further their careers in order to fill some of the new positions that will come to market to their desire for career growth.

To prepare for this need of talent however, we will not be focused on filling our database with these skills. As previously mentioned, we will be continually focused on deepening specific candidate relationships. The days of matching skills to jobs are over.  We are in the market now of truly making long-term matches by digging in with your talent pool and understanding their overall dreams.  Today’s top talent wants to feel "connected" to the end game, to the mission of the company.  If you are really in this business to make career matches instead of job changes, you must seek to understand what your candidates want first and coming up with ways to get them to understand the benefits of the job you might be trying to fill that day.  This makes all the difference in a successful long-lasting placement.

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