I'm Back


I’m back! After the recent birth of my son, Cooper, and the sudden loss of my mother, I’ve had a life-changing revelation. 

With Fillmore Search, I have been go-go-go, placing as many high quality candidates in the fastest timeframe possible. Meanwhile, I also published a book (Career Smarts) and thought I was following my own advice...until I realized I was wearing myself down to the ground. I still whelp companies attract their talent, but I want to help companies KEEP them too!

In thinking about my own life and about the work that I do, I understand now that it’s a marathon and not a sprint (I know, I know, people have been telling me this for awhile - I get it now!). We can place people all day, but if companies are not equipped to develop and groom them, they won’t be able to retain them. People want to make a lasting impact. Top candidates want leadership development to actualize their full potential for the good of the company. Companies need leadership development for their key players, but they don’t have the time to create a program from scratch. 


Between this obvious need and my desire to increase the impact of my work, I am ecstatic to have a strategic partnership with Dr. Shannon Hall and Fillmore Search Group. Shannon and I have been working to shepherd a new approach towards developing extraordinary team leaders for companies. I’ve been facilitating the Leadership Accelerator program with Shannon and I can’t deny that feeling you get when you see teams actualizing their full potential. Placing people as a recruiter is great...and helping them increase their impact 10-fold as team leaders is even more exhilarating. As we like to say, "Coach a leader, you help her for a day. Teach a leader to coach, you help her for a lifetime."

It would bring me such joy to do this for the companies I know and love. We are still placing great leaders through Fillmore Search Group, but now I can help you keep them too!

We are accepting company clients for the fall of 2017. Message me directly to chat more!


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