A Career Smarts MUST: Complete Your Career Reality Scorecard!

#OwnYourGrowth - Designing your Personal Campaign for Success

Based on her book, Career Smarts, Aisha draws her 15 years experience running one of the leading executive recruiting firms in Silicon Valley, where she helped thousands of people define and achieve their career goals. In #OwnYourGrowth, a new blog series and keynote, she reveals a treasure trove of insight that goes far beyond standard common-sense how to realize your full potential and be the leader in your career no matter what your title is.   Whether you are looking to make a change, expand opportunities, improve your current status or simply determine what your dream job might look like in any industry, this information goes beyond the basics with insider tips, short-cuts, common pitfalls — all from the perspective of the savvy employer. In this blog, Quaintance offers an invaluable Career Reality Check for people who want more out of their careers, guiding them step-by-step on how to beat the odds and achieve success.

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#OwnYourGrowth - Designing a Personal Campaign for Career Growth

By popular demand, I will attempt to cover some of the key take-aways in owning your growth and getting the Career you want in this upcoming blog series including:

  • Secret Get-Ahead Skills Every Employee Needs

  • Insider Tricks and Career Hacks from the Placement Expert

  • Real Life Examples & Practical Dialogues To imitate

  • Bonus Chapter, a Manager’s Perspective

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